Monday, September 28, 2015

Store It Mondays-Sprays

Happy Monday Krafters!

Welcome to another installment of Store It Mondays! Today’s storage is a work in progress. I can tell you up front, if you're the type of person who says, “Out of sight, out of mind!” then this solution is not right for you. Prior to moving the lab around, I stored all sprays except Lindy’s Stamp Gang on stand. I always stored the LSG in a Sterile drawer. Approximately 90 LSG bottles can fit in the drawer and more of the Tattered Angels because of the bottle shape. After moving the room around, I lost that stand space. I threw some sprays away and gave some to fellow crafters. I kept my favorite colors. Until I can find a new home, I store them all in the same drawer.

All of the LSG has a white Avery Label on top for the color. As you can see, this too is a work in progress as I still have to mix most colors and spray the caps. Once I do this, I can easily see the colors without having to pull each color until I find the right shade. The other (Glimmer Mist, Studio Calico, Ranger, and homemade sprays) are randomly placed in the drawer. I can get to the bottles easily until I find a final resting place for them.

That’s it! While it’s not perfect, it works for me! I hope you enjoyed today’s solution! Thanks for stopping by, Krafthead~


  1. I only have a few sprays, paints, etc so have I them in a container that I just happen to have outgrown so the rest sit on the table top. I like the idea of having them in a drawer, so once I re-organize I might try it.

    1. I hope you share your solution with us!

  2. I need a drawer to put mine in. Guess I will be buying more storage. Thanks for the idea!