Friday, July 19, 2013

Space Issues? SOC DT Post

Hi Krafters!

Over the years it seems like I finally have ran out of space in my crafting area. Do you ever feel like that? We purge and rearrange our area but it is not enough! Not to mention the creative block that comes with a disorganized space! Well today, I am sharing three ideas I use that saves, maximizes, and organizes my space.  Also it did not cost an arm and leg either!

1. Shelving

I am a machine junky! I use three tier shelving units to store the machines I use the most. Since there is enough space behind each machine, I can leave the shelves and cut a full 12 inches or pull them out if I am using a larger mat. I can also easily access the machines and put them on  a portable table if need be. Since using the shelves, I have an extra 2 feet of space!  Shelves $19.99 each
2. Under Counter Storage

Kitchen items are great for craft areas! Very seldom do I use the underside of shelving. That is wasted space! I use this drawer under one of the shelves to maximize the space as well as for organization. It attaches on the wires with a groove and tightened with a screw. It's very sturdy. In this drawer, I store different blades, blade housing, and other machine components. The drawer slides out and I can grab what I need quickly and everything is in one area. The drawer is strong enough to hold ink pads, stamps, markers...anything! I should also mention, you can use this drawer on wood shelves too! Drawer $9.99

3. Cricut Cart Storage

When I first started out, I used to store my cartridges on a peg board. As my collection grew and I did not use the cartridges as much, I decided to store them differently. I use this small three drawer rolling cart. On the top of the drawer, I store unopened cartridges, my Gypsy and Imagine cartridges (they are in a binder). This adds more storage in a small space!

 In the top drawer, I store the physical cartridge. I used a thick chipboard and attach the cartridges with a piece of Velcro. Each piece of chipboard can store 20 cartridges on each side of the chipboard (40 in total). The drawer is deep enough to hold 5-6 layers of chipboard. In one drawer, 200-240 cartridges can be stored. Larger cartridges are holds more!

The second drawer holds the overlays. They were in alphabetical order, but as I added more, I just put them in the drawer. I don't use the overlays too often since the Expression 2 and Imagine has a virtual overlay. I do keep the physical ones to refer to if necessary  or to use in an older machine.

The third drawer stores the booklets. These are in alphabetical order. I alternate the spines to maximize the space in the drawer. I am able to keep all of the booklets and skim through easily to find what I am looking for. Please note, since the books are the heaviest, place them on the bottom otherwise you can warp your cart because of the weight. Ask me how I know! Cart $11.99

For less than $50 I have more efficient space and storage! A lot of items in a small space huh?

I hope you found this post to be helpful! Do you have any storage or organizational tips you would like to share? Don't forget to stop by Scraps of Color for more project ideas and inspiration. Thanks for stopping by, Krafthead~

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm Talking About The Red, White and Blue..

Hi Krafters,

Happy early Independence Day!!  Remember the Honda President's Day sale commercial? I love that commercial! Anywho, over at Practical Scrappers, it is all about the Red, White and Blue(tooth). LOL. There are a lot of awesome projects showcasing these awesome colors on the blog today. There is so much that can be done with this color combo as well as awesome paper lines that are out!

I decided not to do a paper craft, but stay in the lines of the colors. I made a strawberry shortcake with blueberries! The good thing is this for the most part healthy! I used an angel food cake loaf. I also used fresh strawberries and blue berries. Not only does it look good, it can curb that sweet tooth...

I hope you enjoyed today's project. Enjoy your holiday (if you are in the States). Krafthead~