Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review-Cricut Mini

Hello Krafters!
I don’t have a project to share today. However, I wanted to share a quick review of the Cricut Mini. I did not get it at launch, instead it was a week or so afterwards (early Christmas gift from the family). At first I did not think I wanted it nor needed it since I do not go to crops and have a baby bug that is just sitting in the box. What is the point of having it?
One thing that intrigued me was the size of it. Also, it is guaranteed to work with CCR (provided CCR is online). When it was delivered I made a cut using A Child’s Year. I have to admit, it cut beautifully. I even used the cut on a project that I shared here during Operation Countdown to Christmas.
After several weeks of it sitting and me contemplating on whether or not it was worth keeping, I decided to play with it again. I must say, I really don’t care for CCR, but it is somewhat convenient since I am on the computer for many hours a day. I designed a card and cut. It cuts better than ANY PC machine I have! I am in love! It slows down around sharp curves even when it is set to the maximum speed. I was amazed to say the least!
It is cute and quiet. I actually like the way it sounds when it cuts. I was a little afraid the first time because the housing kinda slams down on the mat, but I guess that is the way it is supposed to be (at least that is what I saw on a video).
My complaint at this time is the fact it is not compatible with the Gypsy; so you will need your physical cartridge. I guess if you have a jukebox, this would be the time to dust it off and get to cutting!
In my opinion, I think the Mini is a keeper! I hope you enjoyed my rambling and review of this small but awesome machine!! Krafthead~

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