Friday, June 26, 2015

Wall Decor

Hello Krafters!

Today I am sharing a cute and inexpensive home decor project with you! I am not one to have a lot of family photos on the wall, but a friend on FaceBook shared a photo from a business that really liked over a year ago. In my attempt to spruce up the family room, I remembered her post! I’m glad I did because we did not have any up-to-date photos up and not one of RJ! It was time for change.  

I went on Amazon to compare the price and for the kit, the price ranged from $35 and up. I ended up purchasing a clock kit for $14.00 and purchased a few picture frames from the Dollar Tree. I have to say, overall, the selection was nice for frames. Any who, I decided to change up the design just a little than from the original. On the photo my friend shared, they used 4x6 photos. For the 12, 3, 6, and 9, I used 5x7 photos instead. I wanted those particular photos to be a little larger. The wall saying on theirs was,  “Time with family is worth every second.” I love that saying, but again, I want to make it my own. So I used the Cricut and a Teresa Collins cartridge for the saying. To me, time with family is EVERYTHING! 

I spent a fraction of the price and I was able to make the project my own. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. Thanks for stopping by, Krafthead~


  1. Beautiful, I don't think I would have the patience to complete something of that magnitude. Love the saying!

  2. Beautiful home decor! Love this idea!

  3. What a great wall decor piece, Kenya! Pinning so that I can make (steal!) this as a Christmas gift. Thank you so much for sharing. : )

  4. I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!! And I have a wall this would work on too. Aww sookie now!