Monday, December 3, 2012

Silent Night

Happy December Krafters!

I started sharing Christmas/holiday related projects last week. However, this is my official holiday project share of the season! This is time of year for joy, peace and fellowship...Yay for the holidays!

Last year I did 25 days of projects…like last year, I will share cards, gift ideas and d├ęcor for the holidays, but it will not be each day! Don’t despair! There is a lot of inspiration coming your way J

inside of the card

Today I am sharing a card I made for a swap hosted by Mary Ann. We had to make 10 cards. Here is a video of how this card was put together.

 card front

matching envelope and card

 matching envelope

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. Thanks for stopping by, Krafthead~


  1. Wow, I love that card; it really puts you in a holiday mood. I can't wait to see all of the projects you share, tfs!

  2. Thank you for the love Treva!! Kenya~

  3. It also Put Me In the Holiday Mood Thank you
    do you use a mat under your Item when you do your stamping?
    I have even used my mouse pad when I could not find my stamp pad, it helps make all of the stamp come out clear, un like doing it on a hard table top where spots of the stamped image do not come out as clear

    1. Thank you for visiting :) sometimes I use a pad and sometimes I do not. I only have issues with the cheaper stamp no matter the method. Thank you~

  4. Fantastic! I never think about decorating the envelopes but it adds such a finishing touch. By the way I love your blog title!

  5. Mega Awesome! Hope you liked your cards as much as everyone else does. I've got so many interested takers for Valentine's Day! DD: Jan 25!!!

  6. Beautiful card and matching envelope!!!

  7. Awesome card! I love the nativity and the beautiful poinsettia and scrollwork on the side. Okay, who am I kidding...I adore everything about this card!