Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday July 9-Software

Hi Krafters!

Today I do not have a project to share, but I did want to post on my usual day. Kind of a long post...but not really LOL!

Last year, I bought a back up laptop to my original laptop just in case something happened. That laptop gave me the white screen of death a few months after purchasing the new one. I was grateful for having my back up laptop so I did not miss a beat. I started using the new one exclusively less than a year ago. Last week my laptop screen fizzed out. WHAT??? I thought I would get more use out of it before it died :( I am lost without my laptop! ALL of my programs are on there to include Photoshop, Silhouette Studio, FunTime and CCR!! I was on the verge of tears! I have other means to get on the internet, but not for my beloved crafts! Why oh why didn't I put PSE on the desktop??? I can't edit my photos! The good news is my laptop is being repaired. However, it will be days before I get it back! They believe the EXTREME heat we have been experiencing had something to do with it!

The moral of the post is:

1. ALWAYS have a back up computer/laptop

2. Have your software on more than one computer!

3. Back-up your pictures and documents OFTEN!

4. Keep your electronics in a cool area!!! ALWAYS!!!

I hope this post can help someone or at least remind my readers to take precautions so you are not stuck like me...Krafthead~


  1. So sorry to hear about your laptop. Good pointers for us bloggers out there.

  2. Kenya, I know the feeling, I have my pictures and files back up all over the place because of my crashing laptops or computer, learned the hard way.

    I hope you can get your files back. My husband know of a program I can send you if they have trouble backing up the files.

    Great pointers.

  3. K - I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!! My baby (Mac) died months ago and I have taken it around to get a quote on how much a logic board would cost to repair. Then I was directed to a site by a co-worker who showed me one for $200. Now that there is hope in sight a repair is fast approaching. :D All this to say that I pray you get your computer back REAL SOON. My heart and prayers are with you.