Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mug Rug

Hello Krafters!!

I hope the new year has been good to you and your family so far. I have to admit, we are just a few weeks into the year and it has been a lot of twists and turns already! I am hopeful this year is going to be great despite how it started! It is all about the finish!

Today, I wanted to share a new found krafting love I have. Embroidering has become a comfort to me. I love the sound of the machine and seeing the design come to life! Aside from the embroidering, being able to create a project In the Hoop (ITH) is amazing! A simple project I did was an ITH Mug Rug. What is a mug rug you ask? It is a coaster for your mugs. I found a rug mug design for free on Oma’s Place. She has great detailed step-by-step instructions which makes this project even more enjoyable. For this project, you will need a 5x7 hoop or larger. 

The first thing is to bring your design to the program. For this one, I used the Futura software to use with the Singer Embroidery machine (I have a video on YouTube showing how to transfer files to the machine). The design is blank and I wanted to add a phrase to it. I pasted the design on to the mug rug which is also a design from Oma’s Place (a video is to come on how to use multiple designs on one project).

Next, follow the instructions as written. I like to use painter’s tape to hold down my fabric as I am constructing the rug mug. Once the final step was completed, I use Steam A Seam to close the mug rug once it is flipped to the correct side. I skipped the step to add it in the beginning. One thing I will change in the future is to change the closure. Ironing the final project helps it to look neat and flat. 

This can make a great personalized gift. Just add a matching mug, coffee or tea!

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Until next time! Krafthead~


Solid color fabric
Pattern fabric
Fusible Fleece or batting
Steam a Seam or Heat and Bond
Embroidery thread
Tear-a-way stabilizer
Embroidery machine with a 5x7 hoop or larger


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